Rita Hayworth hair flip//Gilda

I'm reviving the Rita Hayworth LJ community.

I'm reviving rita_hayworth. So if you're a fan, then join (click on the pic) and post picspams, icons, graphics, fanart, fanfiction, any thoughs on Rita's films, etc. Basically anything Rita Hayworth related on your mind that you would like to share. :)

Want to help me pimp out the community? It's the only Rita Hayworth community out there and it's so neglected. :( Actually I just found out that there's another Rita Hayworth community out there but the only journal entry on it was the Intro to the community from back in March. There's no activity on there. :\
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Vivien mime/clown "o"//Vivien Leigh

The result of boredom... My first batch of icons. They're of Rita Hayworth.

Ok so I'm a beginner at this and learning how to photoshop. I played around with colorization of a Rita Hayworth picture I made from Gilda. So yeah, I just decided to make it into icons and played around with text. And then decided to make one with a different Rita pic. Also, I used a texture by mayfairdays on the Gilda icons.

Please comment and credit me strokesstarwars. This is my first time making icons and actually sharing them. lol.


the rest are here @ rita_hayworth because I want to pimp the community and while you're there join it if you're a Rita Hayworth fan. It's the only Rita Hayworth community out there (I think), it's really dead and needs more attention. Thanks. :)
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